The Top 5 Foodie Movies

Whenever I find myself in the need of some inspiration in the kitchen, I pop in one of my favorite food-centric movies. I have created a list highlighting five of my personal favorites. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Be careful though, you may find yourself going on a cooking spree shortly thereafter.

The Top 5 Foodie Movies

1. Mostly Marta.
This German film is one of my favorite movies of all-time. Mostly Marta shares the story of Marta, a hardworking chef who struggles to balance her professional and personal lives after becoming the caretaker of her young niece. Her world is further complicated with the arrival of an Italian sous-chef who, despite being Marta’s complete opposite, is able to help Marta adjust to her new life.

Sound familiar? Perhaps you’ve seen the (inferior) American adaption – No Reservations. Unlike its American counterpart, Mostly Marta manages to find the perfect balance between being romantic, funny, and heartwarming without being overly predictable.

2. Like Water for Chocolate.
This Mexican film was adapted from Laura Esquivel’s novel Como agua para chocolate. Although the movie’s plot focuses on Tita and her forbidden love affair with Pedro, it is Tita’s passion for food that makes this movie so appealing. Tita’s ability to express herself through cooking as she prepares elaborate Mexican dishes will charm romantics and food enthusiasts alike.

3. Chocolat.
Chocolat is a romantic-comedy that shares the story of Vianne, a young mother and chocolatier who arrives in a sleepy French town. Upon her arrival, Vianne attempts to befriend the community but is rejected. The village mayor disapproves of her lifestyle and her attempts to challenge the town’s traditions. Fortunately, Vianne’s tenacity rivals her passion for chocolate and she slowly begins to befriend her neighbors including an eccentric old lady, a troubled woman, and a river gypsy.

Although this movie will appeal to most viewers, it is particularly suited to be watched by chocolate lovers. Just be careful, chocolate + Johnny Depp is a pretty dangerous combination.

4. Eat Drink Man Woman.
The plot of Ang Lee’s Taiwanese film, Eat Drink Man Woman, surrounds the lives of a widowed Chinese chef and his three growth daughters. The three women are extremely different: the eldest is a school teacher and converted Christian, the middle is an airline executive, and the third is a student who works in a fast food restaurant. Despite their differences, however, their father uses food and family meals to try and keep the family together.

This is an extremely sweet movie as is its American adaption, Tortilla Soup.

5. Babette’s Feast.
Babette’s Feast was the first foodie movie that I ever watched. Growing up, it was one of my mother’s favorite films and has quickly become one of mine as well. This award-winning Danish film shares the story of how a French refugee woman, Babette, transforms the lives of two-middle aged sisters through something as seemingly simple as food.

Honorable mentions:
Haute Cuisine
Julie & Julia
Eat, Pray, Love

Do you have a favorite foodie movie? If so, please share!


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